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Childrens' Essays

From Radiance Spring 1998

  • Everyday Kids Who Hit The Target.
    I first saw Alan Morgan on a TV commercial for Target. The ad showed him repeatedly going to his neighbor's door trying to sell her something, each time in a different uniform: band, Boy Scouts, and so on. The commercial ends with his final sales effort at the neighbor's door. There he is: big round face, wonderful smile and shining eyes under his mop of blond hair, and wearing yet another uniform. He knocks on the door, this time shouting, "Hey, open up. I know you're in there!" He cracked me up!
    From Radiance Spring1998.
    Compiled by Alice Ansfield

  • My Story
    I am eight years old. I live in Oakland, California, with my mom, my dad, my brother, Jody, and my cat, Piewacket. There are a lot of big people in my family, including some of my favorite aunts (who aren't my real relatives, but they are special to me and I love them, so I call them my aunts). All the people who live with me in my house are big. We have a lot of fun together. We do lots of fun things as a family: swimming in a nearby lake, going to amusement parks, and spending special days at our schools.
    from Radiance Spring1998.
    By Jenna Sol

  • Art That Empowers
    My name is Katy Alexander, and I am fourteen years old. I am fat. I have been fat all my life. It has only been recently, though, that Iíve been able to embrace my bigness.
    From Radiance Spring 2000
    By Katy Alexander


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