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Deb Powell

"We're reclaiming the beauty and power inside every woman who's ever been made to feel less than beautiful because of her size"

---Deborah Powell

Size with Style!

By Alice Ansfield

Through the pages of Radiance, we continually work to bring the focus of attention and sense of self back to the person, to whom she is inside and in the world. Our value is not about our weight or what size we are. Our value lies in who we are, and in what we're able to give and receive.

That said, it can also be fun to play with what we wear-with our outer look. In upcoming issues of Radiance, we're going to have some fun with fashion "updates." We're going to work with a variety of our readers, of all ages and sizes, in different parts of the country, to update their looks: give them new hairstyles and explore the colors and styles that enhance their uniqueness and their beauty. And wouldn't that give anyone's self-esteem a boost?!

Many of us just don't have the energy or the inclination to try on styles that we're not used to wearing. I really enjoy accompanying my friends on shopping expeditions and finding new styles for them to try on. (They're such good sports.) I bring armfuls of clothes to their dressing room. They try them on and come out to twirl in front of the mirror, catching every angle. Often they strut around the store to give the clothes a trial run. I see a transformation in their energy along with their look. I see them blossom. Their joy is apparent! It's fun for me to be a part of this uplifting process.

So when I got a phone call from Deborah Powell asking about doing updates in Radiance, I was ready! Debbie is the owner of Size with Style. Her company conducts fashion and self-esteem seminars around the country, exclusively for large women. Debbie is a woman who, like us, is fed up with a fashion industry that thinks most women should be a size 6 or 8. Her past, she says, included many years of "trying to squeeze self-esteem out of diet plans that never really worked. I'm still a big woman," she says today, "but I now appreciate my beauty."

When Debbie quit the diet game and focused instead on being comfortable in her body, she began to develop her own style, from the inside out, as a plus-size woman. Now Debbie wants to work with Radiance readers.

"What's important is to develop an individual style based not on what's 'in' but on your body type, your life-style, what colors look great on you, and what you feel comfortable wearing. We're doing updates here, not makeovers," states Powell. "I hate the word makeover. It suggests changing something that's wrong, which is not what this is about. We're reclaiming the beauty and power inside every woman who's ever been made to feel less than beautiful because of her size."

Here's how Debbie works: First, she meets with a prospective client and looks at her face and bone structure, hair color, hairstyle, body type, and color palette. She listens as the woman discusses her life-style and what she wants.

Next they're off to the hair salon for a hair consultation that focuses on how to highlight features, body type, and so on. Debbie gives the stylist suggestions and photos, and together they consider color or highlights. This is followed by a private session with a makeup artist for application tips and techniques. Last, Debbie and her client head for the clothing stores to try out new fashions. Tips on alterations are important to make everything a perfect fit. "What I see in the end is a woman walking with her head held high. There's nothing better!" Debbie beams.

Radiance is launching this new feature by helping five high school girls get ready for their prom. (See "Off to the Prom: Teen Updates," in this issue.)

If you'd like to be considered for an update with Debbie, write to her c/o Radiance. Include your name, address, phone (and e-mail if you have it), along with a few full-body color photos of yourself and a paragraph or so about why you'd like to be considered for this feature. Debbie travels for her work, so it doesn't matter to us where you live! Send in your request today.

-Alice Ansfield

Remember, this is only a taste of what's inside the printed version of the magazine!



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