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Back issues of Radiance are full of articles, ads, and information to keep you inspired, informed, and involved.  We've included some of our favorite articles online, so look for the links as you go (new articles added 05/18/23).

Each issue features compelling profiles of women all sizes of large, of all ages, life-styles, and ethnicities. Articles on health, media, fashion, and politics provide you with the support and encouragement you deserve for a full life and a healthy self-esteem.


Winter 2000
#61 Winter 2000
250 Ways to Make America Better New York's Modern Dancer Alexandra Beller Fashion Feature Reader's Poetry Dancing into 2000 Big News with Bill Fabrey

#62 Spring 2000
Teen Weight Lifter Cheryl Haworth Sets New Records Here's a Shock: I'm a Jock Gettin' Sexy! Art That Empowers Big News Making Change Happen On Finding Love Readers' Poetry
Summer 2000
#63 Summer 2000
Big Beautiful Beach Babes Dr. Dean Edell on Size & Health Exercise for Weight Loss? A Fat Activism Victory Readers' Poetry  Jodie's Body: On Art, Apartheid, and Body Acceptance   Courage at the Beach!

#64 Winter 2001
Genetically Modified Foods Patrika Darbo Big Dance Big News Poetry New Year's   Slippin'-and-a-Slidin'   Beauty: My Thoughts as a Teenage Artist   Food for Thought

Winter 1999
#57 Winter 1999
Cookbook Favorites! Medical Activism with Lynn McAfee Winter 1999 Fashions On the Move: Martial Arts Folk Diva Odetta Big News Medical Activism is Good for Your Health
Spring 1999
#58 Spring 1999
Going to the Prom "Just Fat, Not Stupid": Essays from girls about body image and size-discrimination   Biking into Spring Bridalwear Big News: Weighty Issues in the Media
Summer 1999
#59 Summer 1999
Fashion and  Art Features My Fat Aphrodite: A Love Story Big News and Views with Bill Fabrey Big Beautiful Beach Babes! Singer-Songwriter Steve Seskin I Love Mysteries Don't Sweat It: Tips for Surviving Summer!
#60 Fall 1999
Art & Soul Health at Every Size Facing Down Diet Scams Big News and Views with Bill Fabrey  Raising Largely Positive Kids Tons of Fun: Size Positive Stories and Images Fat Woman Parenting

Winter 98 Issue
#53 Winter 1998
Painting it Large: Artist Sandra Bierman Remembering the Fat Underground A Scuba Diver's Underwater World Excerpts from Losing It! -An expos of the diet industry

Sprint 98 Issue
#54 Spring 1998
Children's Essays From the Radiance Kids Project The Sculpted Ladies Big On Batik Dancing to a Different Reflection Success: Lives Changed, Not Pounds Lost Red Line: The Tragedy of Weight Loss Surgery Big News New England Journal of Medicine Editorial: Losing Weight-An Ill-Fated New Year's Resolution.
Summer 98 Issue
#55 Summer 1998
4 Annual Swimsuit Edition  Perfect Poetry The Restaurant Intruder Clever  Comebacks to Rude Remarks It's Not Over 'Til the Fat Lady Swims   Broadway's Big Stars from the Musical, The Life!
Fall 98 Issue
#56 Fall 1998
Interviews with ABCs Emmy Winner Camryn Manheim of The Pratice! plus Michael Badalucco of The Practice!  On Raising Children of Substance Working with Fat Children in the Schools Fabulous Fall Fashions Big News
Winter 97 Issue
#49 Winter 1997
The Fabulous Rosie O'Donnell! Readers' Favorite Comfort Foods You've Got It - So Flaunt It: Designers who create for our wild side! Upon Reflection: Tales from a 70+ year ex-Marine How I Learned to Love a Gym!
Spring 1997 Issue
#50 Spring 1997
Tasty Bits & Spicy Tails: Chef Dorinda Hafner Water Exercise That Feels Like Play Radiance Takes The Love Boat The Gifts Of Menopause The Volcano Lover The Pleasures of Water Aerobics
Summer 97 Issue
#51 Summer 1997
The 3rd Annual Radiance Swimsuit Edition! Readers' Poetry Collection How I Took A Hike I Am Beautiful... Words And Pictures From This Amazing Book Swimsuit Art!
Fall 97 Issue
#52 Fall 1997
A Conversation with actress/designer Delta Burke Let Yourself Go? You Bet! Big Beauty: One Photographer's View  Big Woman Meets Big Bear Wonderfully Endowed Fall Fashions
Winter 96 Issue
#45 Winter 1996
Size Acceptance Worldwide: England, Germany, and the Netherlands Size Awareness in the Classroom Growing Up Fat: A Teenager Reports Large and Supersize Winter Fashions   Favorite Recipes: You Say "Potato"...
Spring 96 Issue
#46 Spring 1996
Ms. Big, Big Island: Where Beauty Is Traditionally Large Radiance Does Hawaii! Art That Reveres Our Large Bodies Young Activists in Print Weighty Issues in the Media My Fat Body
 Summer 96 Issue
#47 Summer 1996
Carnie Wilson: Up Front and Personal Radiance's 2nd Annual Swimsuit Edition! Readers' Poetry Collection Singer Kate Smith Diet Is a Four-Letter Word!
Fall 96 Issue
#48 Fall 1996
Special Art Issue - Incredible sculptures; colorful Nicaraguan paintings of ample-bodied women Live Large with author and educator Cheri Erdman Babes on Blades!   My Journey to a Health Club Weighty Issues in the Media
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#41 Winter 1995
Yoga for Round Bodies
Spring 95 Issue
#42 Spring 1995
Behind the Scenes of Gilbert Grape Alaskan Artist Barbara Lavallee Confessions of a Radical Registered Dietitian Honoring the Belly Everyday Activism Gilbert Grape Actress Darlene Cates Fat People Wear Shorts!
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#43 Summer 1995
The Next Generation of Activists
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#44 Fall 1995
A Gentle Approach to Diabetes
Winter 94 Issue
#37 Winter 1994
Winter Reading Issue Women Who Run with the Wolves: An Interview with Clarissa Pinkola Estes Alaska with Radiance Tours! Coats of Many Colors!
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#38 Spring 1994
Summer 1994
#39 Summer 1994
Wake Up, I'm Fat!... Actress and playwright Camryn Manheim A New Look at Nudes Hiking the Grand Canyon Traveling Supersize

#40 Fall 1994
Ten Years in Print: A Salute to Radiance At the Movies with Critic Jan Wahl Norway's Fabulous Sculpture Park Large and Supersize Fashions Fall Essays
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#33 Winter 1993
Freedom: A mother's reflections on her relationship with her fat daughter
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#34 Spring 1993
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#35 Summer 1993
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#36 Fall 1993
Marilyn Speaks! A Conversation with Elaine Miles of TV's Northern Exposure
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#29 Winter 1992
What Is Normal Eating? Women, Food, and Eating Educating Mommy Or, How My Toddler Taught Me To Trust My Tummy
Spring 92 Issue
#30 Spring 1992
Singer/Songwriter Daryle Ryce Karen Johnson, M.D. - Author of Trusting Ourselves From Pain to Pride: A Shocking Weight-Loss Chronicle Karate: Where Size Is a Plus
Summer 92 Issue
#31 Summer 1992
Do No Harm - A Plea to Health Professionals Midlife Without Crisis Mr. Scale Goes to the Dump! Jeopardy! Winner Leslie Frates
Fall 92 Issue
#32 Fall 1992
Swimming with Dolphins! Home Exercise Equipment Mothers & Daughters: Healing the Patterns of Generations Fashion Victim - NOT!
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#25 Winter 1991
Children and Eating What's Up in the Fitness World? Trust Your Tots at the Table
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#26 Spring 1991
Laughable Legislation Aimed at Large Ladies
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#27 Summer 1991
Imagine: Loving Yourself the Way You Are The Supreme Challenge: One Nurse's Fight
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#28 Fall 1991
Is Giving Up on Dieting Giving Up on Yourself? A Change of Heart
Winter 90 Issue
#21 Winter 1990
Honoring women's work in health, education, fashion, and the media Move Beyond the Patterns That Keep You Stuck Turning the Tables on Medical Bigotry Creating a Size-Friendly Community
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#22 Spring 1990
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#23 Summer 1990
Strength In Numbers  From Rookie to Revolutionary: How Alice Started Radiance Magazine R. C. Gorman: A Self-Portrait In his own words
Fall 90 Issue
#24 Fall 1990
Self-Esteem: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac How to Survive (and Enjoy) Your High School Reunion A Sculptor Reveals the Poignant and Playful in Our Lives Intro. to Winter Skiing
Winter 89 Issue
#17 Winter 1989
Performers! Ronnie Gilbert - folksinger; Marianne Sagebrecht - actress; Conchata Ferrell - actress; Jackie Torrence - storyteller In High Style for the Holidays Yo-Yo Dieting The Fight for Fat Rights
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#18 Spring 1989
Summer 89 Issue
#19 Summer 1989
Interviews with health care providers on the good news about health, body size, and self-esteem The Fallacy of Height and Weight Tables Books for Healthy Living Plus-Size Lingerie
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#20 Fall 1989
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#13 Winter 1988
Spring 88 Issue
#14 Spring 1988
Profiles of Large and Active Women Marathon Swimmer Lynne Cox A History of Women and Sport Gym Clothes from Hell! Health Newsletters
Summer 88 Issue
#15 Summer 1988
Large Women and Travel: Ireland, Egypt, Brazil, Russia Asserting Yourself in the Unfriendly Skies The Supersize Fashion Industry Weight-Loss Surgery: The Unkindest Cut of All
Fall 88 Issue
#16 Fall 1988
Large Women and Work Actress Wins the Case for Large Women Two AIDS Volunteers When Large Women Network Coping with Antifat Doctors
1984 -1987
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#1 - #7, #9, #10
Summer/Fall 86 Issue
#8 Summer/Fall 1986
The Refrigerette Cheerleaders Fat Admirers: Problem or Solution? Biological Roots of Fat & Health The Enchilada Nightmare! An Anthropologist's View of Body Size
Summer 87 Issue
#11 Summer 1987
Profiles of Women at Midlife Images of Beauty A Photoessay Let Them Read Fluff: The Trivialization of Women in Magazines Health, Weight, and Aging
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#12 Fall 1987
The Inner World of the Fat Child When Children Hate Their Bodies What Parents Can Do To Help