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Big Kids of All Ages

Dear Friend:

Please take a moment to read through this page as well as other areas of our Kids Project to find out what Radiance is doing to address size and acceptance issues for our youth. We're always glad for your participation with us, for the sharing of ideas and expertise. Contact us today!

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� Alice Ansfield,
Publisher, Editor, Founder


Once or twice a year in the magazine, we print essays from children, teens, and young adults, about their bodies and their lives. We want to hear their stories, in their voices. You�ll find our Call for Essays on the main page of our Kids Project. Please help us get this message out to the kids in your life. Their voices need to be heard. (We only print highlights from each issue at our web site. For a complete version, subscribe to the print version of Radiance.)

In addition to printing essays from our youth, Radiance also prints helpful articles from parents, teachers, counselors, and health professionals on raising children to feel seen, loved, and valued, whatever their body size or shape. This information is a must-read.

Radiance continues to network and do outreach with therapists, educators, and others doing similar work for kids around body image and self-esteem. We�ll share this information with you in the magazine and at the web site. If you know of some individuals, groups, or resources that you feel we ought to connect with, please contact us. Your support, ideas, expertise, and care, are needed.


We�re happy to work with you on curriculum suggestions for kids and body image, diversity, and on creating size-friendly classrooms. Evaluate your usual procedures to determine if they are sensitive to plus-size kids. For example,

(1) weigh and measure children in a private setting, treating this as confidential information.

(2) Have gym apparel and swimwear that fits the large child and looks okay on him or her.

(3) Base student�s physical education grade on effort and improvement, not on innate athletic ability.

(4) Do not allow harassment based on body size or shape.

(5) Ask large teachers if they are comfortable acting as role models and mentors to large students.

(6) Subscribe to Radiance and other size-positive reading materials (books, magazines) for your school library.

(7) Finally, celebrate International No-Diet Day (May 6) each year in your classroom. (Contact us for materials.)


I�m always happy to send sample copies of Radiance to school personnel, therapists, health professionals, and so on. Bring our magazine and materials with you to share with members of groups, classes, workshops, or festivals. Contact us.


Please include Radiance: The Magazine for Large Women, on any suggested reading list around issues of body size, body image, self-esteem, or diversity that you print or distribute. We offer ongoing support and information on these topics in every issue of our magazine.

If you�d like a suggested reading list (size-positive, of course), contact us. We can mail or e-mail you one, or view it at our web site.


Size-acceptance information and body diversity appreciation is vital to the health and well-being of all children, and should be considered when creating any services and programs. For those in TV or if you create printed materials for kids/families: Include kids of all sizes in your photo sessions and in all resource materials as matter of fact. Show that kids of all sizes are seen, loved, and valued.

Please be in touch with us with ideas or information, concerns or questions, on this important topic. If you get interviewed by the media on these issues, please mention Radiance as a source of support and information on self-esteem, body image, and size acceptance. It's always possible to ask them to do a 'sidebar' with an article on helpful resources.

If you want to write for Radiance on this issue, or know of someone or a group doing work along these lines, please e-mail us and let us know.

Alice Ansfield


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