A Compilation of her
Letters from the Editor
1998 through 1999

From Radiance Summer 1999

Dear Friends,

Our office has been humming with activity these past few months! Melinda’s been updating our main office manual, as well as keeping our office (and me!) running smoothly. I’ve spent countless hours with Earl Cory, my “web guy,” creating a whole new look to our web site. We’ve recently added more articles, essays, and information, which you can access from our “What’s New” area on the main page (www.radiancemagazine.com). I’m especially happy to announce that you can now enjoy reading Linda Brandt Tanner’s past “In Season” columns online: tomatoes, beans, eggs, onions, comfort foods, pasta, and barbecue, are all at your fingertips.

We’ve also added to our online Kids Project materials. Click on the Kids Project on our main page, to find loads of information, fun, and support for children, teens, and young adults, as well as for parents, teachers, counselors, and health professionals who work with and love kids.

My thanks go to Earl, a real trooper. I appreciate the calm and receptive attitude with which he greets the many e-mails I send him (trust me on this, many e-mails) with my lists of new ideas for the site. Earl and I often meet online around 11 p.m. and write back and forth, referring each other to pages to check where we need to change a design, add more color, remove some color, fix a title, fix a typo, and so on. We go on like this until around 1 or 2 a.m.  Thanks again, Earl. So, readers, go online. Count us as a site to visit often. We’re always thinking of new things to bring to you, and to those new to Radiance and size acceptance.

Before I talk about this Summer issue, I want to say that I’ve been quite moved by your comments on our Spring 1999 issue with its special feature on teens. I see we’re striking a chord, and it makes me feel really good. We’ll print some of your responses in the upcoming Fall “Letters” column.  You can be sure that as we connect with more individuals and groups working with teens,  we’ll pass that information on to you.

Once or twice a year we’ll continue to hear from kids (of all ages) and address issues of importance for their support and well-being. Please share this information with others for whom this topic is relevant. And if you come across a story idea for us, get in touch. If you attend a parents’ group or a teachers’ workshop, contact us for copies of Radiance and subscription cards. We’re always happy to contribute materials and respond to requests for article reprints.

Now, for Summer 1999—our Fifth Annual Swimsuit Issue. I didn’t know when I first thought of doing a swimsuit issue five years ago that it would become an annual feature. But is has. Each week this past month I got calls and e-mails from readers anxious about our photo deadline. A reader from Germany asked: Can I send my photo via courier? And from Canada: Is there time for me to send a picture of me and my dog? Another reader begged: I have some great shots of me and two friends hamming it up in a pool. Can I still send them? Yes, yes, yes, I said to all these queries. But hurry. So here you have it: three full pages of brilliant, bright, big-bodied babes, looking fabulous as they splash around in the various waters of the world. If this doesn’t encourage any person of any size to go out and enjoy this season’s delights, I don’t know what will!

Send in your photos to be a part of next year’s Radiance “Swimsuits 2000.” No more just thinking about it and feeling that you can’t be a model. You can. Get busy this summer and snap that camera and send us your favorites.

In this issue, we continue our Fashion and Art Feature Section. It’s a great new way for individuals or companies to promote their businesses (fashion, art, jewelry, accessories). This time we’re displaying the beautiful sculptures of Barbara Chen, as well as artistic statues from Sacred Source. You’ll also find designs for large and supersize women from fashion companies new to our pages—La Reina, Paula Sanders, and Celebrating Size—as well as fashions from companies who’ve become old friends—Junonia, Love Your Peaches, and Abundance. Call our office for details on how to show your wares in this four-color section. The price is right! The information is at our web site, too (just click on “Advertise”).

Summer has lots more in store! Marina Wolf’s “Sexy Summer Reads” is one reason you’re going to want to bring Radiance with you to the beach. It’s hot! And I know you’ll enjoy author Lynne Murray’s exploration of plus-size characters in mystery novels. She gives us a great list of must-reads for fans of this genre. I mean, how can you not go out and get copies of books with titles like Murder Can Kill Your Social Life, Murder on a Girls’ Night Out, and Sex and Salmonella?

I’m so pleased to introduce you to singer and songwriter, Steve Seskin, whose work I’ve listened to for years at our Bay Area coffee houses. His hit (with cowriter Allen Shamblin), “Don’t Laugh at Me,” has just been recorded by Peter, Paul, and Mary. Thanks to Toby Bielawski for another great interview.

I want to thank all our writers for sharing their passion and expertise and attitude with us all. We sure appreciate you.

I also want to thank our financial contributors. In Fall, our fifteenth anniversary issue, we’ll acknowledge those people who have sent in gifts to Radiance over the past year. It’s never too late to become a “Friend of Radiance.” We need you. We count on you. Please send what you can. Help us continue to be a strong, bright light on the path to size acceptance. And watch for the Fall issue around October 1.

I know I’m looking forward to taking time this summer to get out and play and connect with friends. I want to bask in the beauty of my surroundings and to swim and picnic at the beaches and rivers in northern California.

If you see me, or another fat person, in their shorts, swimwear, or summer duds, give us a nod or a smile. Let’s acknowledge the mutual journey we’re on as we take our place in the world!

With this, I welcome you to Summer 1999, our Fifth Annual Swimsuit Issue.

Take care,

Alice Ansfield
Founder, Editor, Publisher and Swimmer ©